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The DSMC® RED MOTION MOUNT® is a revolutionary and adjustable lens mount system for your camera. The MOTION MOUNT integrates a global shutter, temporal anti-aliasing soft shutter, and variable neutral density (ND) system. This enables on-the-fly shutter adjustments to reduce motion blur and temporal aliasing. The ND filter also includes a linear polarizer and IR filter for improved image color and contrast.

NOTE: HDRX® is not available when the MOTION MOUNT Shutter Type is set to Soft or Square.

NOTE: The MOTION MOUNT is compatible with RED EPIC®, SCARLET®, and DSMC2® cameras.

DSMC RED MOTION MOUNT S35 Ti PL (left), DSMC RED MOTION MOUNT S35 Ti Canon (Captive) (right)

Figure: DSMC RED MOTION MOUNT S35 Ti PL (Left), DSMC RED MOTION MOUNT S35 Ti Canon® (Captive) (Right)

Variable ND Filter

The electronic variable ND filter provides adjustable optical density for the camera. The amount of optical density varies based on the active shutter type. Adjust the ND value using a touchscreen or user keys, without having to change physical filters.

  • Soft/Square Shutter: Range is 0.48 to 1.20 (1.60 to 4.00 stops)
  • ND Only: Range is 0.48 to 2.40 (1.60 to 8.00 stops)

NOTE: While the MOTION MOUNT is installed, the adjustable electronic ND filter provides a minimum light loss of 1.60 stops (0.48 optical density).

IR Filter and Linear Polarization

The MOTION MOUNT incorporates an IR-cut filter and new color science, providing accurate and natural color over a wide range of color temperatures. The IR-cut filter ensures rich, deep shadows in your shots and minimizes IR contamination at high ND levels, without the need for a separate hot mirror.

The built-in linear polarizer improves image quality by increasing contrast and reducing unwanted glare from light that passes through the MOTION MOUNT to the image sensor.

Soft Shutter

The MOTION MOUNT Soft shutter performs temporal anti-aliasing in your footage, eliminating sampling rate issues caused by temporal aliasing. This is commonly referred to as the “wagon-wheel effect”. Effectively, the MOTION MOUNT improves your images and footage by ensuring smooth and natural motion. As its name implies, the Soft shutter “softens” the edges of blur, resulting in crisp, smooth motion, and pans.

For more information about temporal anti-aliasing, see the Temporal Aliasing with Cinema article.

Square Shutter

The MOTION MOUNT Square shutter, also referred to as “global shutter,” eliminates rolling shutter artifacts, such as partial illumination caused by strobes and flashing light. The global shutter ensures uniform exposure throughout your image, regardless of strobes or motion.

For more information about global shutters, see the Global & Rolling Shutters article.


The following MOTION MOUNT types are available:


Part Number







DSMC RED MOTION MOUNT S35 Ti Canon (Captive)




Hardware and System Requirements

  • The MOTION MOUNT is compatible with RED EPIC, SCARLET, and DSMC2 cameras cameras.
  • Camera firmware v5.1.14 or later
  • REDCINE-X PRO® Build 20.0.0 or later

NOTE: DSMC RED MOTION MOUNT S35 Ti PL and DSMC RED MOTION MOUNT S35 Ti Canon (Captive) use identical filter and shutter mechanisms. The only differences between the mounts are the mechanical locking systems and compatible lenses.

NOTE: The MOTION MOUNT is 0.9 mm longer than the respective DSMC Ti PL Mount and DSMC Canon Mount.

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