RED ROCKET Introduction

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The RED ROCKET® enhances transcode and playback abilities of R3D® files in various resolutions in real time speeds. The RED ROCKET drastically accelerates transcode times for still image sequences and video formats (such as QuickTime® and DPX) in all applications that support RED ROCKET.

RED ROCKET provides real time, full quality playback onto a 1080/2K/4K monitor or projector via DVI and HD-SDI through REDCINE-X PRO® (4K requires the RED ROCKET Breakout Box).

Up to six (6) RED ROCKET cards may be used in one system to boost system performance when working with R3D files.

NOTE: The RED ROCKET supports all MYSTERIUM®, MYSTERIUM-X®, and Monochrome R3D files.

NOTE: The RED ROCKET does not support RED DRAGON®, RED DRAGON Monochrome R3D files, and HELIUM® R3D files.

NOTE: You can install and use a RED ROCKET and a RED ROCKET-X® in the same system. However, you can only use one (1) of these cards at a time. For example, DaVinci Resolve® can access a RED ROCKET while REDCINE-X PRO accesses a RED ROCKET-X.

NOTE: With the RED ROCKET, you can perform video out in REDCINE-X PRO. At this time, you cannot perform video out with a third-party application.

RED ROCKET Installation Instructions
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