Power Introduction

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REDVOLTs and REDVOLT Travel Charger

Figure: REDVOLTs and REDVOLT Travel Charger

This guide describes the power options for the EPIC®, SCARLET®, WEAPON®, SCARLET-W®, RED RAVEN®, RED EPIC-W®, and DSMC2® cameras.

The RED® Digital Still and Motion Camera (DSMC®) system delivers high performance digital imaging over a wide range of frame rates and optical formats. The DSMC system is supported by an expansive arsenal of power modules, batteries, and chargers that provide adaptable configuration solutions to meet your needs.

WARNING: Modules, expanders, and lens mounts are NOT HOT SWAPPABLE, meaning you cannot remove or install these items while the camera is turned on. Before installing or removing these items, you MUST turn off the camera. Failure to do so may result in damage to the item or camera that is not covered under warranty.

NOTE: Throughout this guide, "DSMC2 camera" is used to refer to the following RED BRAIN types: WEAPON, SCARLET-W, RED RAVEN, RED EPIC-W, and DSMC2.

Read Before You Shoot

Read this operation guide carefully and in its entirety before assembling or operating your camera or other RED accessories. To see additional RED operation guides, go to RED Downloads at www.red.com/downloads.

RED DSMC Power Operation Guide
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