Designed to fit with the profile of a DSMC2 camera body, the REDVOLT-V™ is the ideal battery for the filmmaker on the go and for use in gimbal and drone configurations. This 43Wh rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides more power than the original REDVOLT® and weighs less than 1 lb. Compatible with any RED V-Lock battery expander or module (V-LOCK Battery Module, V-LOCK I/O Expander).

Use the RED BRICK Charger to charge the REDVOLT-V before using the REDVOLT-V for the first time. For more information, go to RED BRICK Charger.

NOTE: REDVOLT-V batteries require a RED BRICK Charger to recharge the battery.

NOTE: A DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander, Battery Belt Clip, RED Quickplate, RED Cradle, DSMC2 V-Lock Battery Module, or DSMC2 Production Module (V-Lock) is required to use a REDVOLT-V battery with DSMC2 cameras. The RED Quickplate and RED Cradle require a 2B-to-1B Power Adaptor Cable.

REDVOLT-V Performance

The following table provides operational data on REDVOLT-V battery usage and charging times.


Nominal Energy

Run Time

charge Time (80%)

Charge Time (Full)


43 Wh

35 min

60 min

110 min


The REDVOLT-V battery LED array consists of three (3) LEDs and a status button. Press the status button to illuminate the LEDs, displaying the remaining battery charge level in 33% steps.



Three (3) LEDs are on

71% to 100% capacity remaining

Two (2) LEDs are on

41% to 70% capacity remaining

One (1) LED is on

11% to 40% capacity remaining

One (1) LED flashes for three (3) seconds

0% to 10% capacity remaining

The two (2) outside LEDs flash for three (3) seconds

Battery error1

Three (3) LEDs are off

Battery is discharged and requires charging

  1. To resolve the error, charge the battery. If you still receive the error after charging the battery, submit a Support ticket at
RED DSMC Power Operation Guide
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