3-Axis System Overview

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The RED® 3-Axis Lens Control System is a versatile and highly accurate wireless lens control system. Use the RED Wireless Motor Driver (W.M.D.), RED Tactical Hand Controller (T.H.C.), RED Lens Control Motor, and related RED accessories to configure a low-profile lens control system for your camera rig. This guide provides setup and operation instructions for the RED Lens Control Motor, W.M.D., T.H.C., and related accessories.

The T.H.C. is also compatible with the R.C.P.™ Bridge for wireless control of supported Canon® and Nikon® motorized lenses. For more information, see the camera operation guides.

The T.H.C. cannot pair directly to the WEAPON®, RED EPIC-W®, SCARLET-W®, and RED RAVEN® cameras. To use the T.H.C. with WEAPON, EPIC-W, SCARLET-W, or RED RAVEN, the T.H.C. needs to be connected to the W.M.D. (either wired or wirelessly).

WARNING: ALWAYS use the RED motor cable with the appropriate internal identification resistor when using RED Lens Control Motors with third-party motor drivers. Any damage caused to motors or motor drivers resulting from the use of third-party cables is not covered under warranty.

NOTE: The camera does not require a minimum firmware version for operation with the W.M.D., T.H.C., RED Lens Control Motor, and other components of the RED 3-Axis Lens Control System.

3-Axis Lens Control System

Figure: 3-Axis Lens Control System

RED 3-Axis System Operation Guide
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