R.C.P. Overview


The R.C.P.™ Bridge is a wireless module that attaches to the rear of the EPIC or SCARLET BRAIN, or other compatible DSMC rear module, and provides communication support for third-party app development. As part of the

R.C.P. Development kit, the R.C.P. Bridge uses the RED Command Protocol (R.C.P.) to communicate information between the camera and your application.

Additionally, the R.C.P. Bridge can be used as part of the RED® 3-Axis Lens Control System to wirelessly operate the focus and iris motors in supported Canon® and Nikon® lenses. In this scenario, the R.C.P. Bridge assumes the role of the RED® W.M.D. (Wireless Motor Driver), while the RED® T.H.C. (Tactical Hand Controller) remains the wireless remote.

The R.C.P. Bridge is capable of supporting wireless communication up to a range of approximately 50 feet. As with all wireless devices, the communication range may be affected by the environment and any radio frequency (RF) interference that may be present.

NOTE: The R.C.P. Bridge is compatible with EPIC and SCARLET® cameras.

NOTE: The R.C.P. Bridge requires that your camera is on firmware v5.2.8 or later.

R.C.P. Development Kit Included Components

At this time, the R.C.P. Bridge is available as part of the R.C.P. Development Kit, and is not available as a standalone item.

The items listed below ship with the R.C.P. Development Kit (P/N 720-0028):

  • R.C.P. Bridge
  • USB 2.0 flash drive, pre-loaded with the R.C.P. SDK, sample apps, and additional resources
  • R.C.P. Bridge Launch Sequence

Hardware and System Requirements

NOTE: The R.C.P. Bridge requires that your camera is on firmware v5.2.8 or later.

Requirements for Connecting to an App

  • The app must have been programmed using the R.C.P. SDK, which is available through the R.C.P. Development Kit.
  • The camera must be on firmware v5.2.8 or later.

Requirements for Focus Lens Control

  • The T.H.C. must be on firmware v703 or later.
  • The Canon or Nikon lens must be electronically supported by the camera.
  • The camera must be on firmware v5.2.8 or later.

Additional Resources

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R.C.P. BRIDGE Operation Guide
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