REDUNDEAD® is a lightweight media retrieval tool provided by RED® for the emergency recovery of footage. REDUNDEAD is designed to repair and restore .R3D files from media that may have been formatted or experienced errors while critical information was still present. It can also recover media that may have been lost due to improper media ejecting and unmounting practices.

  • REDUNDEAD is compatible with the following RED media devices:
  • RED-RAM®

WARNING: Use REDUNDEAD at your own risk. RED DOES NOT guarantee that REDUNDEAD will be able to recover any media files that will be useable.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use REDUNDEAD to recover media that you do not own rights to.

When REDUNDEAD Can Recover Media

Use REDUNDEAD to recover damaged or lost .R3D files in the following situations:

  • After media is formatted with .R3D files still present.
  • After improperly unmounting media from a computer resulting in lost .R3D files.
  • After improperly ejecting media from a DSMC resulting in lost .R3D files.

When REDUNDEAD May Not Be Able To RECOVER Media

REDUNDEAD may not be able to recover damaged or lost .R3D files in the following situations:

  • When media is physically damaged.
  • When media is reformatted AND used to record new footage, overwriting the previous footage.

NOTE: If there are existing .R3D files that have NOT been recorded over, they may still be recovered.

When REDUNDEAD Cannot Recover Media

REDUNDEAD cannot recover data if the media cannot be recognized by the computer.

REDUNDEAD Operation Guide
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