Use the Sync menu to set up genlock and Motion Control (MoCo). For more information, go to Timecode, Genlock, Multi-Camera Setup.

Sensor Sync Mode

Sensor Sync Mode allows the shutter timing (scan start) to sync to an external signal.

  • Off: Sensor runs at the current recording frame rate. This is the default option.
  • Genlock: Sensor synchronizes with the incoming compatible genlock signal.
  • MoCo: Each rising edge on the sync input triggers a frame to be captured.
Genlock Source

Select a genlock input:

  • BRAIN (Default)
  • Rear Module (Pro I/O Module or REDCAST Module)
  • GPI Function (Camera Input): Select one (1) of the following options to configure the input for devices connected to the SYNC connector on the camera:
    • Sync In: The camera input is used as a sync-in signal for MoCo.
    • General Purpose In: Use the BRAIN GPI In High/Low drop-down menus to map inputs to actions.
  • GPO Function (Camera Output): Select an option to configure the output for devices connected to the CTRL connector on the camera:
    • Sync Out: Provides an output sync signal to act as a shutter start tally.
    • Recording Indicator Out: Provides a signal when recording is in process.
GEN and SYNC Status Indicators

The Lower Status Row of the camera display has GEN and SYNC indicators, which change color based on the current genlock and sync statuses. For more information, go to Project Status Indicators.

EPIC/SCARLET Operation Guide
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