Frame Trigger

NOTE: This mode is not available in Stills mode.

NOTE: Audio is not recorded in Frame Trigger mode.

In Frame Trigger mode, the camera records the specified number of frames for each external trigger. This mode limits the REDCODE based on sustainable record rates.

To use Frame Trigger mode, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Recording > Mode.
  2. Select Frame Trigger from the Mode drop-down menu.
  3. Use the Limit Recording to fields to set the recording to end at a predefined frame limit (optional).
  4. Select a Pre Count and Post Count. For more information, go to Pre Count and Post Count.
  5. Close the menu.
  6. Start recording.

    The overlay displays the number of frames recorded out of the total amount of frames.

NOTE: There may be a delay between receiving the external trigger and capturing the next frame(s). The delay may be as long one (1) frame period at the current recording frame rate. To completely synchronize frames to an external trigger, set Sensor Sync Mode to MoCo. For more information, go to Sync.

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