Internal Timelapse Timer

NOTE: This mode is not available in Stills mode.

NOTE: Audio is not recorded in Internal Timelapse Timer mode.

In Internal Timelapse Timer mode, the camera records a specified number of frames at a specified interval. The current recording frame rate determines the timing of the frames per pulse.

For example, in Internal Timelapse Timer mode, you can choose to record a total amount of 1000 frames, and take 1 frame every 4.67 seconds. After recording 1000 frames (which takes 4,670.00 seconds), the recording process stops.

To use Internal Timelapse Timer mode, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Recording > Mode.
  2. Select Internal Timelapse Timer from the Mode drop-down menu.
  3. Use the Limit Recording to fields to set the recording to end at a predefined frame limit (optional).
  4. Select the number of frames to be captured in the Record field.
  5. Select the time interval from the Interval field (range is 1–3,599 sec). The Interval setting specifies the frequency at which the frame or group of frames is captured.
  6. Close the menu.
  7. Start recording to start the interval.

    The overlay displays the number of frames recorded out of the total amount of frames.

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