Speed Ramp Mode

NOTE: This mode is not available in Stills mode.

NOTE: Audio is not recorded in Speed Ramp mode.

Speed Ramp mode lets you program the current recording frame rate to transition to different recording frame rates during recording.

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Recording > Mode.
  2. Select Speed Ramp Mode from the Mode drop-down menu.
  3. Use the Limit Recording to fields to set the recording to end at a predefined frame limit (optional).
  4. Select a ramp target:
    • Ramp A/B/C/D: Each ramp target is tied to a specific Target/Duration combination.
    • Ramp Reset: Ramp to the starting frame rate with the specified Duration.
  1. Set the Target frame rate.
  2. Set the Duration, which is how long it takes to transition from the current frame rate to the target frame rate.
  3. Go to Menu > Settings > Setup > Keys and program a key to one of the following functions:
    • Record: Start Speed Ramp A/B/C/D
    • Record: Start Speed Ramp Reset
  1. Start recording.
  2. To start speed ramp, press the key that you have mapped to start the speed ramp.

    The frame rate transitions to the target frame rate during the duration you set up.

    NOTE: If using speed ramp mode, select an exposure that is valid for each ramp target frame rate. If the camera ramps to a frame rate that is incompatible with the current exposure, the exposure changes to the longest exposure possible for the frame rate.

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