A Look is made up of the following settings: Color, Gain, FLUT, Sharpness, Curves, Color Space, Gamma, Color Temperature, and LGG (Lift, Gamma, Gain). These settings are configured either in-camera or in REDCINE-X PRO®.

Create and Manage In-Camera Looks

Create in-camera looks in the Menu > Presets > Camera Presets tab. Modify and manage the in-camera Looks the same way as any other presets created in the Camera Presets tab. For more information, go to Camera Presets.

Import Looks from REDCINE-X PRO

  1. While your SSD is mounted to your computer, create a folder on the SSD called Looks.
  2. Save your RMD files (that have been exported from REDCINE-X PRO) to the Looks folder on the SSD.
  3. Eject the SSD from your computer.
  4. Mount the SSD to your camera.
  5. Go to Presets > Looks.
  6. Select one (1) of the following:
    • : Import selected Look from SSD to camera.
    • All: Import all Looks from SSD to camera.

For more information, see the REDCINE-X PRO: Saving Looks to Camera video tutorial.

Manage Imported Looks

Manage Looks imported from REDCINE-X PRO in the Presets > Looks tab. When exporting Looks from camera to SSD, the Looks are saved to a folder on the SSD called “Looks”.

You can perform the following actions with imported Looks:

  • : Export selected Looks from camera to SSD.
  • All: Export all Looks from camera to SSD.
  • Apply: Apply the selected Look.
  • Delete: Delete the selected Look.