Figure: KOMODO camera


KOMODO 6K is the latest breakthrough product in RED's long line of innovative image capture technology. The newest entrant into the RED lineup is a compact, all-in-one, and highly powerful cinema camera. It features RED’s cinema grade image quality, color science, and sensor technology in a portable form factor cinematographers can take anywhere and adapt to any shooting scenario.

The new sensor in KOMODO is a 6K S35 global shutter sensor. This sensor breaks new technical ground by retaining wide dynamic range and delivering unmatched RED imagery, without compromising creative or technical features. KOMODO includes a built-in Canon RF-style mount allowing users the flexibility to use RF-type lenses and several lens Adaptors, such as EF-type, PL, and Leica M mount.

The KOMODO records using R3D or ProRes formats written to a CFast 2.0 media card. The RED KOMODO is powered by batteries or a power cable. Control the KOMODO features with the top LCD Touchscreen, or you can use the screen to watch playback.

Quick Reference

Refer to the Quick Reference section to get familiar with this guide and the camera.

R3D File Format and REDCODE

All videos and frames are recorded to the R3D® file format. The R3D file format was developed by RED to provide an efficient and manageable RAW video data format that promotes advanced post production editing capabilities. In the R3D file format, the digital image received from the sensor is formatted as a pixel-defect corrected (but in all other aspects unprocessed) 16-bit per pixel RAW data frame. Each RAW frame, or sequence of RAW frames in a clip, is compressed using proprietary REDCODE® RAW compression, then stored to media.

RAW data is recorded independently of any RGB domain color processing such as ISO, White Balance, or other RGB color space settings. Instead, color parameters are saved as reference metadata; that is, color is not burned into the recorded RAW data. This recording technique promotes flexibility in RGB color processing, which can be deferred to post production or adjusted in the field, without affecting the recorded RAW data image quality or dynamic range.

REDCODE is a compression codec that reduces R3D RAW files into a manageable size, allowing longer recording times on media. The ability to compress RAW data is one of the significant technologies that RED has brought to the industry.

Global Shutter

This camera employs global shutter technology. This technology exposes all of the sensor's pixels in each frame simultaneously, unlike a rolling shutter that exposes lines of pixels (each with a delay) causing image artifacts on fast-moving objects. Global shutter technology not only improves the visual appearance of this camera's images, it also eliminates tracking and matte-painting distortions during post production.

Image Processing Pipeline

This camera uses the new RED Image Processing Pipeline 2 (IPP2). In IPP2, the advanced RED color space (REDWideGamutRGB) allows the camera to use every color its sensor can generate without clipping. The camera then encodes the image using Log3G10, a gamma curve that retains extreme highlight and shadow detail. Using the advanced color space and gamma curve, RED IPP2 allows you to grade and make color adjustments in post production, instead of in-camera. IPP2 also allows the camera to use CDL for grading. For more information about IPP2, refer to the RED IPP2 support page.

Shoot For Video and Stills

High resolution video, such as the digital footage captured by the camera, has surpassed the detail necessary to produce professional full-sized prints. Because of the ability to record at high frame rates and resolution, the camera is ideally suited to capture video and still images, simultaneously.

Post Production

Many non-linear editing systems (NLEs) can open and edit RED footage. Each NLE version may have specific compatibility requirements, such as camera firmware version or camera type. Before shooting, check all compatibility requirements.

The following programs can be used to open and/or edit R3D files:

NOTE: Third-party applications may have limited compatibility with R3D files. Third-party developers must use the most recent R3D SDK to offer compatibility with the latest RED firmware.

Post Production with REDCINE-X PRO

REDCINE-X PRO is a professional one-light coloring tool set, equipped with an integrated time line, and with a collection of post effects software. These tools provide the ideal environment to review recorded footage, edit metadata, organize projects, and prepare your R3D files. You can use REDCINE-X PRO or any of the compatible third-party NLEs to edit R3D files.

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