REDCINE-X PRO® is a professional-grade software application, designed specifically for transcoding and pre-editorial image manipulation of REDCODE® RAW (R3D®) footage. REDCINE-X PRO is a non-destructive application, enabling you to make image adjustments—while preserving the original RAW format. This gives you the ability to return to the original files at any time for transcoding, scaling, cropping, or correcting color.

REDCINE-X PRO converts selected RAW files to RGB color space using de-mosaicing and color matrix algorithms. Timecode, white balance, and other metadata is maintained during RAW to RGB conversion.

Download the latest version of REDCINE-X PRO at The REDCINE-X PRO Operation Guide can also be found in the REDCINE-X PRO Help menu.

The following programs are included in the REDCINE-X PRO download package:

  • RED PLAYER: Built-in media player.
  • RED Launcher: Prepares and opens R3D files in REDCINE-X PRO or RED PLAYER®.
  • RED TETHER: Tethering application. Go to Set Up RED TETHER.
  • RED WATCHDOG: Mac® OS X® menu bar tool. Go to Use RED WATCHDOG.
  • REDline: Command line software application. Go to Use REDLINE.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating system
    • Mac OS X 10.7 or later
    • 64-bit Windows® Vista or later
  • 1GB hard drive space
  • 8GB RAM
  • 2GB GPU Video RAM (when using GPU acceleration)

Improve GPU Performance

To set up your computer for the best performance, follow the guidelines below.

  • Use a maximum of 80% of your RAM.
  • Deselect Verbose Logging. Go to General.
  • Set the Memory Limit to half of your RAM. Go to System.
  • Set the Number of Simultaneous Frames to Process to the maximum number. Go to System.
REDCINE-X PRO Operation Guide
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